Research councils uk business plan competition

Standard licences While bespoke licences are useful for catering for very specific circumstances, most research projects would be better served using one of the standard licences. You must cancel at least 48 hours ahead of the scheduled programme.

There are three other conditions that licensors can add, and the various possible combinations produce the six licences. Alternatively students can make their own arrangements and submit a Student Expenses Claim Form up to the value of the bursary award with supporting receipts to Research and Innovation Services who will authorise and forward to Finance for payment.

There will be an opportunity to speak to some of the teams who took part in the competition and view displays of their ideas. Use the resources available to gain more information on the process of finding jobs and tips on developing your strategy.

Left unmodified, the licence does not permit the licensee to do anything beyond what is allowed under copyright law, apart from a few provisions with regard to copying and redistribution. Wider impacts What impact might this project have outside the project team. Note that a waiver does not authorise other parties to claim rights — as opposed to freedoms — they did not previously have.

2007-08 RCUK Business Plan Competition winner announced

In order that assessors can open and read the appendices, each appendix must: Finance summary This table lists out the total eligible project costs by participant.

Affiliate membership is also open to those not currently employed in government communications but who wish to know more about GCS. The first thing to note is that only the rights holder or someone with a right or licence to act on their behalf can grant a licence; it is therefore imperative that the intellectual property rights IPR pertaining to the data are established before any licensing takes place.

Prepared licences Before considering the licensing options that are available, you should first check whether you are obliged or strongly encouraged to use a certain licence as a condition of funding or deposit, or as a matter of local policy.

Do not include any commercially confidential information, for example intellectual property or patent details. Researcher Development Bitesize Guide.

If you intend to come for the lunch or attend any part of the event, please let us know using the contact details below. The version 4 licences, however, do explicitly include sui generis database rights unless the licensor specifically reserves them.

Please provide a short description of your proposal in a way that will be comprehensible to the general public. The fund will focus on: Safeguarded data are made available under one of two bespoke licences: General — Not listed above Research category please select from the dropdown list Project timescales enter the estimated start date and its planned duration.

The British government said it has come up with a few guidelines for open access but would be accepting recommendations between now and next April, when the new scheme will be put into place.

Outcomes and route to market How do you propose to grow your business and increase your productivity into the long term as a result of the project. It will not be used for any public dissemination. The need for data licensing arises directly from such releases, so the first question to ask is why research data should be released at all.

A postal vote is easy to arrange and is particularly convenient if it will be awkward to get to the polling station on 5 May. A licence in this context is a legal instrument for a rights holder to permit a second party to do things that would otherwise infringe on the rights held.

A number of our courses are now available on Blackboard via our Researcher Development at Northumbria organisation page - click here to find out how to access the courses. The completed template takes the form of an agreement that both licensor and licensee have to sign, so it cannot be used to give blanket permissions.

Click here to view and download the planner. All three follow the Creative Commons model of providing a clear summary and canonical URL alongside the full legal text. However investment is our top issue, and the Labour manifesto feels stronger on restructuring the transport budget — and that is backed up by Labour candidate views on investment see table above which are much stronger than LibDem, Con or SNP.

Searching for a job is very similar and your research skills will be put to good use when looking for a job. Common terms Licences typically grant permissions on condition that certain terms are met.

Higher Education and Research Act 2017

The National Institutes of Health require the published research it funds to be freely available within 12 months after publication.

The thrust of the database right is that users may not extract or reuse more than an insubstantial part of the contents without authorisation from the compiler, unless certain exemptions apply. Extra investment in the City of Edinburgh is driving up active travel and we want to see more investment across the country.

Originality is judged on a range of factors, including skill and labour, but the skill and labour have to relate directly to the work in question: This competition is a great chance for you to gain an insight into the business world and to see if you can turn your ideas into a winning business.

The challenge facing cities of delivering what their citizens need in the face of reducing budgets, changing demographics and societal and environmental change is a major 21st century issue exacerbated by increasing global urbanisation.

The research section within e:. This is an invitation for journalists to attend the Final of the Research Councils's Business Plan Competition - London, UK. Higher Education and Research Bill EXPLANATORY NOTES Explanatory notes to the Bill, prepared by the Department for Business, Innovation 12 Mandatory access and participation plan condition for certain institutions Research and innovation functions and role of the Councils 85 UK research and innovation functions 86 Financial support.

impact of research conducted in Russell Group universities Russell Group Papers – Issue 1, in some cases in competition with other research institutions around the world. This success of research excellence at these institutions.

Funding councils Research councils UK - charities (competitive) UK - charities (other) UK - central.

U.K. to allow open access to publicly funded research

Data-Driven Business Models: Challenges and Opportunities of Big Data Monica Bulger, Greg Taylor, Ralph Schroeder NEMODE is an initiative under the Research Councils UK (RCUK)’s Digital Economy privacy, competition policy, and data-driven ad.

Collectively, the seven Research Councils invest £3 billion in research each year covering all disciplines and sectors, to meet tomorrow’s challenges today and provide the world-class research and skills that are the foundation of a strong and productive UK economy.

A number of enquiries sent to the National Postgraduate Committee (NPC) are about how to find particular courses and postgraduate funding.

This page has therefore been set up to provide some immediate information about postgraduate funding to assist in answering the main enquiries that reach us.

Research councils uk business plan competition
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Doctor Jenny Tillotson, FRSA — Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology