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Additional sources that discuss special concerns rural health researchers should consider: For example, a study might observe how healthcare workers interact with a telemedicine program in providing care to patients.

Because of interactions among the participants, it may offer rich insights that would not be obtained individually. The article reports on a study comparing eight counties in Central Texas, using various rural and underserved designations to examine the same health issues as part of a community assessment.

American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. The researchers wrote that while many institutions are attempting to target students of color specifically when addressing mental-health problems, many of the students are not taking advantage of campus services.

A review of systematic reviews of interventions and context, Olawale Olanrewaju Lifestyle factors, cognitive reserve and cognitive function: The above citations serve as examples of how to format entries on Works Cited pages of student research papers. Be very cautious in your use of resources from the Internet.

Television or Radio Live Smith, Greg. Poem Online Crane, Stephen. Pioneer Communications of America, Inc. For specific funding for rural health research, please see the Funding section of this guide. The variety of rural communities, from Appalachia to Alaska, from island communities to mountainous areas, and from tourist-based economies with population fluctuations to areas with a steadier population, can impact many aspects of healthcare.

From the University of Oxford, published in Digital Journalism. Newspaper Article, Signed "Gorilla attacks Martian. Read questions and answers from fellow students below. Again, this page is simply a set of examples to help you format a paper written in MLA style. Observers have sometimes worried that back-and-forth contradictory media reports about health confuse people, or worse, foster distrust in health and medical studies.

What are the health behaviors of rural residents, such as tobacco use and physical exercise. This one is important because it lays the groundwork for the others.

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The authors explain that as opposed to most statistical studies, which use most of the available control variables to adjust for possible confounding factors, the current study used a more advanced statistical tool called double robust regression.

Get the latest news and articles about health, science and medicine. A look at the technology and science behind medical discoveries and treatments. a new study suggests.

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Dec 30,  · NICHD conducts and supports cutting-edge research to help improve the health of children, adults, families, and communities.

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These activities enable NICHD to provide health information about a wide array of topics related to development throughout the lifespan. Health statistics are numbers about some aspect of health.

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Statistics about births, deaths, marriages, and divorces are sometimes called "vital statistics." Researchers use statistics to see patterns of diseases in groups of people.

Jan 03,  · The U.S. "has the highest rate of gun-related deaths among industrialized countries, with more than 30, fatalities annually," the study says. Yet funding for gun violence research is limited.

Women's health research is an essential part of the NIH research agenda. The field includes the study of health throughout the lifespan and across the spectrum of scientific investigations.

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